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The Great Hall, 7 March 2024


The Exeter Living Awards: Most effective, most efficient and most stylish!

Most effective
Business is done from, at and around the Awards. Countless conversations are triggered by deep association with the city’s leading business marketing activity.

Most efficient
One deal reaches many thousands of companies. We will support your business promotion through: magazines (edit and ads); social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook); email (thousands of firms, multiple times); networking events; website; Awards Preview, Programme and Review; and of course, on the night…

…And most stylish!
The Awards are the business highlight of the year. Sophisticated, glamorous, unmissable… Anticipation rises over many months, culminating in the excitement of the uberglam Awards. Your team and your clients will love the evening.

The Exeter Living Awards have had superb support from our Sponsors. Our thanks to all.

Our sponsors reap the benefits of powerful marketing and exposure in the build up to the Awards. And they also benefit from attending our shoulder event – the Finalists’ & Sponsors’ Reception.

With more and more interest in being closely associated with the most prestigious event in the Exeter business calendar, Sponsorship opportunities are now available. To find out more, please contact Harriette Dixon or Paula Miller.

Last year was the biggest and best Exeter Living Awards ever: more nominations, more finalists and more sponsors. Plus a sold-out attendance of over 450, with plenty on the Waiting List.

Guarantee your part in this must-attend event by sponsoring – watch our video below for more information.

Nothing beats being there…

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